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About Us

About VW Campervan Hire

VW Camper Hire provide a comprehensive service and support for everyone looking to hire a VW camper, from the beginning with the online booking process through to the end of your campervan holiday. If you get stuck, give us a call, ping us an email or call our out of hours mobile number.

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VW Camper Hire Direct is based in Great Harwood, Lancashire. We are easily accessible with great motorway links. Meaning you you can enjoy the rest of the UK or even Europe with our great location. The Lakes is only a 50 minute from us, meaning short breaks can be spent enjoying the local areas without losing too much time travelling

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We are a small local run business with expansion plans to add more vehicles to our fleet (well as fast as we can build them). With a story that derived from a weekend away camping.

We want your experience with us to be an enjoyable adventure. Our flexible approach means we wont charge you through the earth like the major hire companies and our pricing and service is built to ensure we can provide you with a story to remember. And hopefully you’ll recommend us to your friends

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Exploring the open road can be daunting, if you havent had much time to plan, we have full office facilites, maps of the UK and tour guides to help you find the best journey for you

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